Operating Systems

One I use to get better each day

The definition: of an Operating System per webster:
: software that controls the operation of a computer and directs the processing of programs (as by assigning storage space in memory and controlling input and output functions)

On technical Interviews, I normally start the questions with this topic and I can tell pretty quickly whether the candidate is full of poop or not by their answer. When I am asked I always lead with Linux, specifically KALI. Ubuntu for professional use and MACos is my preferred tool for personal computing. ( I always dual boot with KALI 😈) I am not a big windows fan but most recently have had to brush up on my skills for a few projects I have been helping with. Operating Sytems are the foundation that applications sit on top off. At Verizon, (Pre Cloud Days) we called the OS level the HOST level. The application was at the guest level.

So think of your OS as the Airbnb, and the guests are the software that gets run or occupants of the Airbnb.

Operating systems are just as important in life, especially for those that have ADHD and need consistent structure like ME:

Over the years I have tried to take things that I learn in professional settings and apply them to everyday life. One of the systems I have is Documenting and this came from some feedback I got early in my career.

Document Progress, Take Inventory, Celebrate wins and loses

At Verizon, one of my managers gave some very blunt feedback and it was life-changing. What he told me (Gene if you are reading this, THANK YOU) was that I needed to keep better track of my accomplishments. I was delivering results but I was not able to clearly articulate what those results were. I was contributing to this or working with this group and those types of generic statements don't get you promoted at a Fortune 5 company. You need to be able to list a set of clear outcomes that YOU as an individual/not a group delivered. Now, whenever I have conversations with leaders I always make it a point to go over weekly/quarterly/yearly accomplishments which I directly had an impact.

At night when I am journaling my inventory, I try to find at least 2-3 wins which can be as simple as making bed/getting up with an alarm/Breathing/etc... even in the darkest of days there are always wins to be had, focus on little things and start to add them up.

Document Document Document and then go over progress and celebrate the process.

Peyton Manning once said the Celebration is in Preparation, so start documenting your wins and consistently take inventory.

The 12-step program has a step that involves taking inventory. This is at first somewhat dreadful, but once you do this correctly it becomes life-changing. I take inventory Each night by using a system:

Here's an example of my nightly journal:

I start off with 3 feelings of the day- Basically I just go over how I felt/feel by writing:

Today I feel:

Write your first 3 emotions and if you don't feel anything then leave it blank

Next, I write down what gave me energy and what drained my energy
This is part of a japanese exercise that I have been doing called an IKIGAI where you search for your purpose. Also, this helps with planning, I have found that larger audience meetings are much more draining than smaller ones. I also have found that presenting anything, big or small, is the most stressful and causes me some anxiety leading up. So I try to make sure I control my schedule and adjust accordingly.

Next is 1% and this is where I normally put my fitness goals. Every day I just focus on being 1% better than yesterday. Movement/Mental Health/Mindfulness, there are plenty of ways to get 1% better. Making my bed, writing a blog, and meditating, are all things that can make me better by 1%. Do that every day and by the end of the year you will be 365% better.

My last section is normally just a spitball/business-related section where I put weekly goals down or things that I know I need to do. Sometimes I just write things that I need to do better on or amends I might need to make. I leave this section for freestyle and sometimes skip it if I don't have a lot of things that are giving me anxiety. I always end with something to look forward to which is normally a trip of some sort. My therapist told me me to always plan a trip to have something to look forward to, I love ice fishing and can't wait for me and my wife's baby moon.

This nightly writing system has helped me out tremendously and I hope it helps you as well. Thanks for listening to me ramble, happy monday yall!

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