My Top 5 announcements from re:invent

My Top 5 announcements from re:invent

Here are all of the announcements:

AWS re:Invent | AWS News Blog

Code Catalyst- All in one Developer portal

ok ok ok….

Customers ask, amazon listens. This product intrigues me because it tackles a big problem that most SRE/Devops folks face and that is local development. Each Dev is different and has their own preferences, so being able to cater to that and also be able to enforce specific patterns/structure for how they build is big.

I signed up for the preview and cant wait to test this out.

code catalyst


code catalyst pricing

Key features

  • Blueprints that set up the project’s resources—not just scaffolding for new projects, but also the resources needed to support software delivery and deployment.
  • On-demand cloud-based Dev Environments, to make it easy to replicate consistent development environments for you or your teams.
  • Issue management, enabling tracing of changes across commits, pull requests, and deployments.
  • Automated build and release (CI/CD) pipelines using flexible, managed build infrastructure.
  • Dashboards to surface a feed of project activities such as commits, pull requests, and test reporting.
  • The ability to invite others to collaborate on a project with just an email.
  • Unified search, making it easy to find what you’re looking for across users, issues, code and other project resources*.

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights – Simplify Third-Party Software Risk Assessments

Customers first, I like this feature and will help secure the software supply chain.

Im curious how long the cycle is for validation and is it a yearly, monthly, weekly validation?

What happens when they lose soc2 do you get notified?

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights - Simplify Third-Party Software Risk Assessments | Amazon Web Services

*AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is a new capability of AWS Marketplace. It simplifies third-party software risk assessments when procuring solutions from the AWS Marketplace.

It helps you to ensure that the third-party software continuously meets your industry standards by compiling security and compliance information, such as data privacy and residency, application security, and access control, in one consolidated dashboard. *

AWS Machine Learning University Free educator Enablement Program

Inclusion is huge and AWS is doing its part to make sure education is available to everyone. I love this

AWS Machine Learning University is now providing a free educator enablement program. This program provides faculty at community colleges, minority-serving institutions (MSIs), and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with the skills and resources to teach data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) concepts to build a diverse pipeline for in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow.

AWS Machine Learning University New Educator Enablement Program to Build Diverse Talent for ML/AI Jobs | Amazon Web Services

AWS Verified Access

DEATH TO VPNS FINALLY!!!!! maybe.. we shall see. I am pretty curious about this and cant wait to test it out:

Verified Access is built using the AWS Zero Trust security principles. Zero Trust is a conceptual model and an associated set of mechanisms that focus on providing security controls around digital assets that do not solely or fundamentally depend on traditional network controls or network perimeters.

AWS Verified Access Preview - VPN-less Secure Network Access to Corporate Applications | Amazon Web Services

AWS VPC Lattice

Simplified networking for service to service is big when you have large cloud distributed systems. This will be pretty helpful for network engineers coming into a new cloud environment (IE mergers/acquisitions, Cloudmigrations, etc..)

Introducing VPC Lattice - Simplify Networking for Service-to-Service Communication (Preview) | Amazon Web Services

Today, we are making available in preview Amazon VPC Lattice, a new capability of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) that gives you a consistent way to connect, secure, and monitor communication between your services. With VPC Lattice, you can define policies for traffic management, network access, and monitoring so you can connect applications in a simple and consistent way across AWS compute services (instances, containers, and serverless functions). VPC Lattice automatically handles network connectivity between VPCs and accounts and network address translation between IPv4, IPv6, and overlapping IP addresses. VPC Lattice integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to give you the same authentication and authorization capabilities you are familiar with when interacting with AWS services today, but for your own service-to-service communication. With VPC Lattice, you have common controls to route traffic based on request characteristics and weighted routing for blue/green and canary-style deployments. For example, VPC Lattice allows you to mix and match compute types for a given service, which helps you modernize a monolith application architecture to microservices.

VPC Lattice is designed to be noninvasive, allowing teams across your organization to incrementally opt in over time. In this way, you are able to deliver applications faster by focusing on your application logic, while VPC Lattice handles service-to-service networking, security, and monitoring requirements.AWS SimSpace Weaver-Run Large scale spatial simulation

AWS SimSpace Weaver-Run Large-Scale Spatial Simulations

Simulations are very important in the racing world so this caught my eye. I used to generate millions of calls through 7 droid phones when testing at Verizon wireless but we never really had the ability to mimic a large crowd from a handset perspective without having a shitload of handsets. It is cool how advanced they can make the simulations and I'm curious to see how this product matures.

New AWS SimSpace Weaver-Run Large-Scale Spatial Simulations in the Cloud | Amazon Web Services

With SimSpace Weaver, you can run simulations at scale across multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. It supports simulating upwards of a million independent and dynamic entities.

When to Use SimSpace Weaver*Use SimSpace Weaver when you need to increase the scale or complexity of your simulations. SimSpace Weaver is great at simulating crowds. This is very useful, for example, when you’re planning large events or planning to build infrastructure like a new stadium. It is also ideal for simulating smart cities, complete with vehicles, inhabitants, and other objects.*

That's it, thanks for making it this far and BOLO for a youtube video with more on these announcements and I rate my favorite booths/swag giveaways


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