5 Life Lessons from my Dad

5 Life Lessons from my Dad

Billy’s Briskets were the best

Today marks my 16th fathers day without my dad and I wanted to share 5 of the many things that I have learned from my hero. My dad was the type of person that would walk into a dark room and immediately lighten it up. He built his business by showing up every day and doing what he said he would do. Sometimes all you have is your word and he definitely showed me how to stay true to that.

If you are not 15 minutes early, you are late

My dad was always in a hurry, which I can relate to, and he would always get mad at me draggin ass. He made it a point to show up to work early every day to make sure he got the most out of the day for his customers. If we were ever late it wasnt because of him, mainly me and My mom. I figured out where he got this habit from when I graduated Navy Boot camp and to this day I always like to get to places early (Unless I’m waiting on my Wife:D)

If your mouth is open, Your ears are shut

If you were a bullet in the carrollton youth soccer than you know what I am talking about as we heard this quite a bit during practice. I still struggle to listen to this day due to the 14000 squirrels I got running around in my brain. This is very important because you do need to listen sometimes and hear what others are saying. Whether it’s a work or personal relationship, you can’t listen if you are the one talking. Tilman Fertittas book Shut and Listen talks about the importance of listening to and taking advice from those who have done what you are looking to achieve.

Don’t Half ass things- Finish what you start

Ron swanson’s great speech to leslie about committing yourself to one thing really hits home to me as this was something my dad stressed. He made me decide between soccer or basebal when I was 11on this principle and I appreciate him for it. Like many people, I get caught up in shiny object syndrome like everyone else. I combat that by recalibrating and focusing on the task at hand. Simplify Large tasks, break them up and eat the elephant one bite at a time. Sometimes its best to KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid :D

Work Hard, Play Harder

My best memories growing up were from our family vacations at the lake or beach. We always went somewhere in the big green van. My dad taught me to love the outdoors and how to respect the land. Always clean up and leave the campsite better than you found it. Spend time having fun! We always threw big parties, celebrated everything and were always looking forward to the next trip. Enjoy yourself while you are on this planet and live life to the fullest. Also work your ass off when it’s time and get the job done.

Show up and give it your best shot

One thing that was consistent was that my dad was always there. Every single school or sporting event he was in the stands and my biggest fan. Now as a parent I try to show up to everything and celebrate each win. I took it for granted as a kid and used to roll my eyes and be embarrassed. Now that my dads gone I wish I could show that appreciation. I want my kids to know that one thing they can always count on is me. I show up for everyone that matters to me and I always try to be the best version of myself. It doesn’t matter what it is, Show up and Give it your best shot!

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